Fur Collection

Get used to being a showstopper!

Natural lambskin shearling, faux fur and natural fur trims are found throughout this stunning fur collection. You'll also discover the same decadent embellishments of the Sarabella James trademark extraordinary style as in the "Goldon Treasures" collection. The Sarabella James Fur Collection combines the perfect balance of sophistication and modern sexy.

Created to fit your unique style, the Goldon Treasures collection reflects a wide range of personalities and sizes to choose from:

  • Slouchy Hobos, Bucket Bags and Pouches
  • Structured Satchels and Totes
  • Pudgy Petites
  • Worthy Wristlets
  • Charismatic Cross Bodies and Clutches

The vibe here is pure diva!


Slouchy Hobos, Bucket Bags and Pouches

Make no mistake about it, you'll stand tall & proud with one of these crowd pleasers as your escort.

F.Y.I.: These Hobos, Bucket Bags, and Pouches have a distinct 'diva attitude' and a reputation for causing a scene wherever they go...You've been warned!


Structured Satchels and Totes

Classic and traditional yet modern and inventive~these boldly smart satchels and totes will put you in a class all of your own. Impress them at the office; stir things up at lunch; dazzle them at dinner.

No matter where you tote 'em everyone's gonna love 'em!

“de Bronson Toupee”

Pudgy Petites

They might be of a smaller stature but their plus size personality will allow you to stand head & shoulders above the crowd!

These pint-sized wardrobe additions have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds!

“la Trousse”
“Em D”

Worthy Wristlets - Premieres Fall 2011

Mini size but mega style! These eye catchers are small enough to be packed in your purse or demand enough attention to wear all alone. Just the perfect size to fit all your essentials right down to your favorite lipstick!

Get used to being the center of attention when a wristlet tags along!

“Lil Boopsy”
“Lil Godiva”
“Lil Creme Brulee”

Charismatic Cross Bodies and Clutches - Premieres Fall 2011

You're sure to feel some chemistry here. Just wrap the low-slung companion around you and discover blissful hands-free shopping, traveling, running errands, carrying groceries~books~kids~dogs, even dancing!

You'll fall in love with these little charmers!