Goldon Treasures Collection

Named after her father, James Goldon...

James Goldon

this treasure trove of Sarabella James handbags collectively embody the finest textiles imported from around the world~France, Italy, England, Germany, India, Thailand, Hong Kong and South America, just to name a few.

A rich palette of luxurious silks, velvets, damasks, brocades and tapestries fit for a queen are selected for their wealth of beauty, color and soft texture. Every leather skin is hand selected by the designer herself down to the threads that hold them together. Specially handmade signature embellishments like the hand-wrapped tassels, verdigris patina copper charms, organza & velvet blossoms or the embroidered logo patches are just a few of the "crowning jewels" that grace the collection inside and out.

Created to fit your unique style, the Goldon Treasures collection reflects a wide range of personalities and sizes to choose from:

  • Slouchy Hobos, Bucket Bags and Pouches
  • Structured Satchels and Totes
  • Pudgy Petites
  • Worthy Wristlets
  • Charismatic Cross Bodies and Clutches

Pudgy Petites

They might be of a smaller stature but their plus size personality will allow you to stand head & shoulders above the crowd!

These pint-sized wardrobe additions have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds!

“Run For The Roses”
“Pink Cigar”

Charismatic Cross Bodies and Clutches - Premieres Fall 2011

You're sure to feel some chemistry here. Just wrap the low-slung companion around you and discover blissful hands-free shopping, traveling, running errands, carrying groceries~books~kids~dogs, even dancing!

You'll fall in love with these little charmers!