My Inspiration

The designer behind the collection...Jannis D’Alessandri

Following no trends and sticking to her own set of rules (which are none!), Jannis’ designs represent an eclectic style that is unpredictable with a splash of whimsy. Her originality for paring colors & textures along with an obsession for all things feminine, give her handbags a romantic, sexy, and modern vibe.

The journey began in 2001 when Jannis D'Alessandri taught herself to sew and created a handbag from a clear vision she had nestled in her mind. She quickly found that everywhere she wore her new little accessory others loved it as much as she did!

More and more designs were made and passed around for friends and family to enjoy. The demand to covet one of the little charmers came swiftly from admirers all over. The mother of 3 proudly adorned the handbags with the names of her 3 children. Hence Sarabella James was born. There was just one problem. The new designer couldn’t part with any of her creations! So she decided to put her bags and dreams of being a designer up on the shelf.

Several years passed and in the infancy of 2010 Jannis attended a large textile show in Los Angeles carrying one of her handbags. To her surprise, once again, and after so much time had passed, the reaction and attention her bag received from high profile designers, buyers, and professionals in the fashion industry was awe-inspiring. During that life-defining moment she decided to allow a special, small manufacturer help her share her handbag creations with the world. Her only requirment, no mass production. Each Sarabella James handbag is proudly and meticulously handmade in the USA, and no two are alike.

“I am so proud of the opportunity to finally share this collection with you!”

The most beautiful thing is potential.

The inspiration behind the designer...

Jannis credits her mother, Sara Rita, with having the most inspirational impact on her fashion influence. A woman with impeccable taste, she taught Jannis early to have a keen eye for the unusual and to appreciate the beauty in things that were aged and had character. As a little girl Jannis admired her mother for having her own individual style and wanted to be just like that.

Jannis credits her father, James Goldon, with having the most profound impact on her life in general. He taught her to have conviction and to believe in herself because if she didn't no one else would. He was bold, brave and honest~ qualities essential in life and in business. He had a huge creative influence on her. He instilled in Jannis to stay challenged and to "learn by doing". An extraordinary visionary and dreamer that always reassured his daughter that no dream was "too big".

This Sarabella James collection was never seen by the designer's extremely influential parents. Both had passed away in the midst of their daughter's journey (her mother, just a few months before the premier launch in December 2010).